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Note:A newer beta version can be acquired on the page of "View All Versions" under this page. The main function that comes to be able to be used in the beta version is as follows.
・List and favorite
・It corresponds to informal QT (QT without putting up in-reply-to).
・Twitter search
An extension that adds a Twitter sidebar to your browsing experience!Besed on Twitkit.

---attention: translate by webservice------------------

Function added to Twitkit

・Following and addition of Ann following button
・Addition of user information display button
・It corresponds to RT (informality).
・It corresponds to official RT.
・It corresponds to the TL display of official RT.
・It corresponds to FireFox3.6.
・When the table on the user is displayed, the user's comment list is acquired at the same time.
・Additional message acquisition
・Arrangement change of button
・It corresponds to the informative label of the button.
・Display of reply-to
・Correspondence of in-reply-to (reply former message) transmission
・Correction of in-reply-to link
・Reply former message ID display
・Correction of display crumble of option (what from origin is)
・It corresponds to the change of the specification of bit.ly.
・Functional improvement of URL shortening. When an upper right box is clicked, URL of the input area is shortened. (In old twitkit, it is shortened that the range of the selection is only URL. )
・The confirmation dialog is displayed at retweet.
・It corresponds to movapic.
・Retrieval function (Google,Twitter)
・Correction of problem that RT in photograph cannot be done

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