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RapidShare DownloadHelper


Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try Rapidshare Helper instead.

RapidShare DownloadHelper:
Are you frustrated with having to stay on the RapidShare download page due to time limitations?
Do you always re-initiate the same download time and time again just because you forget to go back to the RapidShare download page?
Then RapidShare Download Helper is for you!

RapidShare Download Helper will automate the download process for you:
- auto-detect countdowns
- auto-start downloads when countdowns are over

Downloading from RapidShare.com is easier than ever.

You don't need to do anything, yes, you heard right.
The RapidShare DownloadHelper will display a green message on the download page, says it will download the file once ready, when you see the green message, you can continue browsing, RapidShare Download Helper will automatically start your download once the countdown ends.
The Download Helper support Firefox 3.6, and doesn't conflict with NoScript or adblock.
You can still use some of the download manager addons, such as downthemall.
Note: it won't work if you use RapidShare with IE Tab, be careful :)
This is the first version of RapidShare Download Helper, download and enjoy!

Download files:


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