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Cookie Exporter


Exports all cookies to a standard cookies.txt file, that is in the same format as IE cookie export makes.
Very useful for WGET --load-cookies option.
This extension was written as a replacement for the Export Cookies extension that seems not to be updated any longer and was in turn written as a replacement for the old allcookies extension for the same reason.

------------ Description --------------------------
The mandatory companion tool for downloading sites with WGET
A very minimum extension : no psychedelic design. Just the needed feature.

Why you need it? Many web sites are protected by either
-> authentication forms
-> Captchas ("Please enter the following code...")
-> vicious access rules like "you must first see some introductory or advertisement pages"
-> JavaScripts ("Please wait XY seconds...")

Such sites can't be downloaded with the well known WGET tool - usually

Export Cookies is the answer to this kind of restrictions.

-------- How it works ------------------
A typical scenario to download a web site with WGET becomes:
* Using Firefox, browse to the desired web site
* Go through all authentication, captcha, ... stuff
* Execute Export Cookies (just a simple item added in Firefox Tools menu) to make cookies.txt file
* Launch wget with
wget --load-cookies=cookies.txt http://foo.com

Download files:


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