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Easy DragToGo


Note from Mozilla: This add-on has been discontinued. Try DragIt instead.

Dragging: Selected text, links, images
Features: More sensitive and accurate gestures, more lightness kernel

* Links -- Open in new foreground/background or current tabs, save link as;
* Text -- Search in new foreground/background or current tabs (free to choose a search engine); Open as a URL;
* Images -- View or open links in new foreground/background or current tabs; save as or save to the specified directory (named with the domain of current page);
* Cancel the drag in a delay time. Default disabled, please changes the 'extensions.easydragtogo.timeout' to an integer(ms) in config:about to enable it;
* Press the "Ctrl" key to drag dorp: If the link, will search the content of the link, the selected text as a mandatory link to open.(cut the spaces and convert the multi-byte ASCII automatically)
* Custom code can added by yourself.
* Could specify the operation of gestures in each four directions; (Use only up or down two directions as default);
The link make references for the usage about custom code:

Especially for users opening tabs with drag and drop gestures simply.

Download files:


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