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The Urimod extension allows the user to change the URI of Firefox's address bar with the click of a button based on a set of rules and regular expressions. This is especially useful for web developers who need to switch between different environments (testing, development, production, etc).
Current Development: 1.3.x

So how do you use this?
Say you have a development environment of http://dev.mysite.com/file.html and a production environment of http://www.mysite.com/file.html with the same file structure. Instead of having to substitute "dev" with "www" every time you upload a change a rule can be set up with the Urimod add-on.

URI Match: http://dev.
URI Replace: http://www.

This way any URL you go to that matches the rule say http://dev.mysite.com/somechanges.html an icon with two arrows will show up. Clicking on the icon (or pressing F6) takes you to http://dev.mysite.com/somechanges.html immediately.

• NEW: Support for importing and exporting rules.
• NEW: Open the Rule Manager directly via Shift+` (back tick).
• NEW: Execute a rule using F6.
• Icon in address bar.
• Can create multiple rules to cycle through other environments.
• Uses regular expressions for flexible URI manipulation.
• If no rule is specified for a URI then the Icon opens up the rules manager.

Have a translation?
Currently I am doing all my own translations from google's translator. I am sure there are better translations then I am providing. If you are up to the task send me your translation so that together we can make this a better understood add-on. Also if anyone has a better way of explaining this add-on please send that long too!

Have a suggestion for the project?
Have a feature you would like to see incorporated into the Urimod add-on? See a bug that needs to be fixed? Are you a hacker and have some killer code that would make this an even better add-on? Then send all suggestions, comments, and questions to urimod(at)leadiv(dot)com.

Quick licensing info
Urimod extension is based on: Server Switcher 0.4 and uses some code from Web Developer 1.0.2.
Icons are part of the Silk (http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/) icon set and are freely available.

Released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt) Version 2.

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