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SMS Sidebar


This addon allows you to send SMS over a internet gateway. It provides advanced SMS features that are not available on cellphones or other services and a smart interface to optimize your experience.
I have choosen the very reliable Aspsms.com in Switzerland as gateway to the mobile world. They're cheap and give away free start credits. Why pay you ask? Well, have a look at the...


* long sms, updateable sms
* flash sms (immediately on display, not saved in phone)
* asian and oriental sms ("UCS-2")
* delivery report for each recipient (eg. "delivered" or "phone memory full"...)
* send message to multiple recipients (up to 1000)
* smart, dynamic interface in a resizeable sidebar with tabs
* sender: alphanumerical or your own mobile number
* contact and message lists
* store, update, search, sort and delete contacts
* store and delete messages
* set time allowed for delivery
* free starter credits
* test mode: full simulation before you invest in credits
* displays your sms credits
* displays gateway connection status
* displays remaining free characters left in message
* max lengths: 160 chars (70 chars in UCS-2)
* long sms: 153 chars per segment (65 in UCS-2)
* all private data (numbers, messages) are stored locally, not on a server
* can delete all contacts or messages at once
* can internationalize numbers automatically
* integrated manual

To get more info please check out my site:

*** At the moment there are almost no carriers for the USA for SMS Sidebar! I'm working on that. Pretty soon sending SMS to all major networks in the USA should be available. ***

Please after some testing, consider writing something about your experience with SMS Sidebar in the forum (see Support). I spent A LOT of time developing this, with your help I can make it even better.

Download files:


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