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RPN Calculator Bar


This extension displays a simple and minimally invasive RPN Calculator on top of the status bar. It features basic arithmetics, a 4-values-deep stack, mathematic functions and 6 memories. The values stored in memory are saved from one session to the next.

The keyboard can be used to enter numbers (use DEL or CTRL+BACKSPACE to erase the last character) and perform most basic operations (select the "View keyboard shortcuts" menu to see the full list.)

The calculator bar can be shown/hidden by clicking on the statusbar icon or with the SHIFT+R keyboard shortcut. A tooltip showing the contents of the stack is displayed when the mouse hovers over the words "RPN Calculator" at the left of the bar.

To copy into the clipboard the result of the last computation, use the contextual menu (right-click on the statusbar icon) or the CTRL+ALT+C keyboard shortcut.

You can also define your own macros, that is, predefined sequences of operations. To define or modify a macro, right-click on the statusbar icon to open the "Edit macros" window, as shown on image #2.
As an example, the macro for a base-10 logarithm is: "ln 10 ln /"
In order to avoid side-effects, a disjoint set of 4 memories (numbered 6 to 9) are available for macros: use e.g. STO8/RCL8 in the macro code to store/retrieve a value into/from memory #8.

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