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Universe Wars Extension


A Firefox extension to enhance the Universe Wars experience. The extension includes the following features:

* Option to hide the advisors
* [max] and [clr] buttons next to the worker job assignments
* Maximum buttons that look at your resources, space etc and show the maximum amount for:
o training new workers
o construct new buildings
o train military units/tanks/planes
o buy and sell on the market
o attack and defend
* Option to display the limiting factor/resource for maximum calculations
* Quick buttons on the empire info page to send Elite Ops, Satellite and Defence
* Worth graph on the empire info page
* Default chat settings (color, bold, room and whatever you want)
* Empire linking in mail, forum and chat using {EmpireID}
* Basic thread title/author search in forums
* Clean up your news using Deselect All/Select Non-combat/Select All and icon click select options
* Option to show a mini-chat window on all your UWars pages
* Split active/inactive items in the spycraft summary
* Sortable columns in alliance and spycraft summary pages
* Highlighted empires in the 50% worth range

Download files:


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