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If you often edit texts using html editors, unexpected browser closing or whole system crash may create a problem. In this case you can lose all the text that you have already composed in the editor and will have to enter it once again.

This add-on will save all the composed text from text areas and iframes to text files on a regular basis. If the browser or whole system crashes you will be able to restore all the composed text from that file.

All editable textareas and frames in the opened tabs will be automatically saved to the specified directory. Files with the saved text from the page fields will have the url of the page as a name. So if the browser crashes it will be more simple to find the needed text. All the special characters in the url file name are replaced by an underscore sign.
In version of the extension 1.1 there is an opportunity to set the prefix for files saved in cache. The extension will process only those files, which names start with the prefix. If prefix is not defined, the extension can remove and rewrite all the files, which are located in the selected for saving folder.

The title of the form (if exists) is also included into the file name. The name of the text area or iframe from which the text was saved is also declared.

Editable fields from one page are saved in one text file but you will easily find them using the field name.
The empty fields are not saved. Only the fields that have text will be saved.

Also you will be able to set the number of files which the designated directory can contain. If the maximum number of saved files is exceeded, but new files must still be saved, then the oldest files will be removed and the new ones will be saved instead. If a file with the text from the specified url already exists in the directory, it will be overwritten.

By default all the text is saved in the 'UTF-8' encoding. You can also choose another encoding, or enter your own.

For editing the add-on settings use the 'TextSaver - Settings' dialog.
You can find it in the 'Tools' menu.

The following settings are available for the add-on:

* Location for the saved fields - the directory, in which the files will be saved;
* Number of fields in the cache - maximum quantity of files, which can be located in the cache.
* Period of time after which the field will be saved (in seconds) - the period of time with which the text from the editable fields is saved to the text file.
* Saved file name prefix - the prefix that will be added to all saved files names. If prefix is not defined, the extension can remove and rewrite all the files, which are located in the selected for saving folder. This setting was added in version 1.1

If you want to save the file immediately during editing, just open the page menu by right-clicking on the page, and select the 'Save textareas to TextSaver cache' item.

In Firefox browser you also can add the 'Save textareas to TextSaver cache' button to the Toolbar.

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