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* Import coma-separated CSV or TXT text files. CSV could be obtained from Excel.
* Import URL in any text file, without the coma-separated form. Actually Flem retrieves URLs from any file format (like HTML).
* Import URLs from clipboard.
* Navigate through your URLs with the 'Next' and 'Back' button or with the combo box. The visited URLs are shown in greeen color.
* Add and remove URLs from playlist. Add button adds the current URL in the playlist. Save and share your playlist. Useful for web sourcing.
* Open URLs in a new tab with Control/Command key.
* See the other datas the file contains, so you can see directly your notes about the URL. Move your mouse on the '!' mark on the right of the toolbar.
* Export all or only non-visited URLs.
* Auto navigation through the URLs list. As a slideshow you can set an interval between each URL loading.
* Crawl mode, Flem load completely each page and go next. Set a timing limit, when the webpage don't answer.
* Languages supported : English, French

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