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Used car buying off Craigslist helps research car quickly


I was shopping for a used car on Craigslist and got tired of going to different websites for car research. So to make my task of browsing and researching the cars easier, I wrote couple of firefox addons which sort of evolved with time and use.

CNET news : Make car shopping on Craigslist less cumbersome
That's why browser extension Craigslist Car Research is so useful. It adds an entire layer of data on top of each listing to make it easier to both find out more about the car, and others like it for sale on Craigslist; all without having to leave Craigslist.

Lifehacker.com : Craigslist Car Research Extension Makes Used-Car Shopping Easier
"...provides all of that available information at the top of each page so you can quickly determine whether sifting through the posted ad is worth your time."


T i p s :

== I S S U E S -- & -- N E W - F E A T U R E S ==
* If having issues than use Google Chrome port of Craigslist Car Research until the issue is fixed.
* New Features first come in Google Chrome version of this extension and then in Firefox after couple months.

Download files:


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