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DZone Voting


A big problem at DZone is that you have to remember to go back and vote for links you have visited, and this Firefox add-on solves that problem beautifully. Every time you visit a link from DZone, this add-on places a small, unobtrusive widget on the target page to let you vote. Simply click the widget to cast your vote, and it will be registered just as if you had gone back to DZone. It’s a simple and convenient solution.

The DZone Voting add-on also makes it easy to submit links into the DZone queue, visit a random “Surprise me” link, and control how link and submission pages open in your bowser. Just click the little “dz” icon in the stats bar, and you can arrange the settings however you wish.

Try out the DZone Voting extension, and it will be radically easier for you to vote on DZone links.

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