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Brand View OnSite


Powerful tool that makes it easy for retailers and manufacturers to monitor and react to competitor pricing and promotion.

Review how your products’ pricing and promotion compares against competitor stores while browsing both on your own website or a competitor’s.

Brand View OnSite is the market-leading price and promotion browser extension with its easy one-click launch, clear design and actionable insights, including:

Pricing across competitor stores
Promotions and promotional text

Retailers and manufacturers can monitor how their products compare against those of their competitors, specifically which products are priced higher or lower than the competition.

Brand View OnSite adheres to a user's specific product matching rules, ensuring that all data and product matches meet individual business needs.

Brand View can also integrate manufacturer's RRP data and benchmark the price variation across stores.

While Brand View OnSite offers easy access to pricing data directly from a retailer’s site, users can also click into Brand View’s analytics to see more detail.

In order to utilise this powerful online intelligence tool, users must hold an active subscription to the Brand View service.

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