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Author(s): Update:http://www.jim0.com/usr/uploads/2016/03/3466116093.xpi
Now add a custom appid and key options, you want to use this little extension you can visit Baidu cloud development (http://api.fanyi.baidu.com) for applying a key, fill in it, there are 200 million characters in a month of free inquiry. Although the trouble spots, but no better way, of course, if you want to give it, you can apply to the key share to my mailbox, I will add to the extension, should it is hard to top the one month number of queries

1.Update Baidu API
2.Change UI add tips up function
3.Add options to set font size and panel's position
4.Add more language support
5.Enable in private browsing

The idea came to me until the use of translation of extension Quick Translator , some time ago because the Google API can not connect, so his imitation of the extansion,use Baidu API instead of Google's.

"Kuai-Translator"-instant translation extended (A simple translator add-on), is a convenient extended to support multiple languages, translation, translation of words can also be a WIKI query.

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