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Simple URL flipper


I want to do more advanced addon for sequenced urls, but I'm very lazy, so I've done this simple one...
Using it you can navigate sites with sequenced decimal urls easiest. It changes not only last sequence, but when pages are finished it changes next level sequence and so recursive. But if you go back it can't to know the number of pages on previous level, so it just try to go to the page 4. It has wrong search protection for the in next cases:

- If site tries to redirect you to another page and doesn't show this in http header
- If some content on the site doesn't load quickly (video).
- If pages of the sites have "holes" in numeration.

You can adjust settings for these protections on preferences page.
You can also change there default shortcuts for the 'next page' and 'previous page' actions. Defaults are ctrl+right arrow and ctrl+left arrow. Or you can use buttons on the browser panel, that this addon adds.
As a bonus, you can also add local bookmarks for the sites. These bookmarks are not the browser's ones. They are available only when you are exploring the concrete site they belong. You can control those bookmarks with an interface, showing by pressing special button on the browser panel.

Download files:


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