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The highlight features of this extension are:

(1)Instantly sharing links and messages with your friends or groups(Mugs),in an organizable way.

(2)customizable silent/noisy notification modes, when links or messages come.

(3)Auto open incoming links in new browser tabs for you(optional)

(4)Reply to links(messages) sender

(5)Mark and highlight multi-range text of current web page before sent it

(6)Create your own web page to send, in a WYGIWYS way

(7)When your browser go off-line, the later incoming links and messages are still there when your browser go online again.

(8)Save your sent links as classified web bookmarks in an organizable way

(9)Block nasty users

(10)Buddy list and online status presence

(11)Extremely simple UI, Extremely easy to use

Download files:


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