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Memory Fox Next


Memory Fox Next is an effort to amend urgent issues from Memory Fox pending after its author, Richard Charles Tharp, passed away suddenly. It fixes annoying nonsense dialogs recurrently appearing, and also enables locales. This add-on is not intended to be actively developed, in fact, afom.exe engine source code is not available. But if you want, you can fork the addon on GitHub, and propose new locales or updates for existing ones.

Memory Fox Next was NEVER intended to be a permanent fix for the memory issues. At best, a Get By Solution, toward helping users extend a browser session's longevity while using the Firefox browser.

For those with Windows x64 Operating Systems and needing support for 64 bit browsers, use Memory Fox Professional version Memory Fox Professional will work for all 32 bit and 64 bit processes. Requires Microsoft Windows 64bit ONLY. As long as Richard's website is offline this is an alternative download location:

Free Memory Fox Professional version - Update as of 10-08-2013

You can check it is the same file and its health through the hashes and the virustotal.com link at the bottom.
Richard spoke about his application in this video.

Download files:


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