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Price Rocket


--- About Price Rocket ---

Price Rocket is a browser add-on that lands you the best deals & lowest prices, helping you to shop better!

When you view a product online, Price Rocket alerts you if it finds a better price for that product. Price Rocket also recommends you similar products that match your expectations, but cost less. You also get lists of great deals or special offers from trusted and reliable online merchants.

--- Why use Price Rocket ---

- Never miss a low price again - When you look at a product online, we show you other stores with lower prices for that same product;
- Saves you a great amount of time - Stop wasting precious time searching for good deals, we deliver them to you in your browser when you browse the web;
- Your safety is our top priority - Enjoy a safe and secure shopping experience. Price Rocket does not save any personal information about you;
- Highly relevant suggestions - We only show you deals that match the product you are looking to buy. You won't see us in your browser when you're not shopping.

--- If you’re wondering how it works ---

When you access a product on an online store of your choosing, Price Rocket recognizes the product you're viewing and instantly searches for it in thousands of online stores. The toolbar than shows up at the top of your browser and you get to see other online stores that sell the same product at a lower price. We can also show you similar products that cost less or other recommendations.

--- Getting in touch with us ---

If you have questions about Price Rocket, please visit our Help section at https://www.pricerocket.net/us/faq or drop us an email.

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