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Tower Ghost for Destiny


Formerly known as Destiny Item Viewer, this app allows you to transfer items between profiles, with various filters.

Android (Amazon App Store & Google Play Store)
BlackBerry 10 Devices (BlackBerry World Store)
Apple iOS Devices (Apple App Store)
Windows Phone (Microsoft App Store)
Firefox Extension (Mozilla App Store)
Windows, Linux, Mac standalone (Visit Downloads section on my website)

More information here: http://TowerGhostForDestiny.com/

Issues and Feature Requests

Some of Features Supported
Share your URL with friends so they can see everything you have
Equipping Items across characters and within itself
Storing items across characters
Filter by Perk Name, Description, Gun Name
Filter by gun progress (Maxed (gold border), Full XP, Missing XP)
Filter by burn (Kinetic, Arc, Solar, Void)
Filter by weapon type (Scout, Auto, Hand Cannon, etc...)
Filter by Tier (Exotic, Legendary, Rare, etc...)
Auto Refresh Toggle, Custom set seconds
DestinyDB tooltips with personal stats
Personal primary stats in transfer popup
Inline stat values on the item icons
View and transfer materials & split stacks
Smart Transfer Algorithm works better than ever
Much much more!

Note: This extension uses Google Analytics to collect usage and anonymous information about your session. Thank you

Download files:


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