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Extended Keyboard


Quotation marks
Press alt+1 (on Windows) or ctrl+1 (on Linux) and alt+2 or ctrl+2 to surround the selected text with English and Hungarian quotation marks. Press again to change them to secondary and tertiary quotation marks (the latter only in the Hungarian). If no text selected the English shortcut inserts an apostrophe into the cursor position. Press again to change it to an opening quotation mark. If there are neutral quotation marks around the selection, it changes them to real ones.

Press alt+- (on Windows) or ctrl+alt+- (on Linux) to insert an endash.

Press alt+. (on Windows) or ctrl+alt+. (on Linux) to insert an ellipsis into the current cursor position.

Non-braking space
Insert a non-braking space by pressing ctrl+alt+space (on both Windows and Linux).

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