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Typo Correct


Typocorrect was designed with the user experience in mind. For years, the creators were constantly battling with fake websites and pages that resembled other websites they were looking for. After putting their minds together, Typocorrect was created. It uses the latest in programming technology and a unique algorithm to improve the users Internet surfing experience by automatically correcting misspelled websites entered into the URL bar.


What is Typocorrect?

Typocorrect is a unique add-on/extension for your browser that will fix URL typos and misspellings. For example, if you type in outloook.com (an extra ‘o’), you will be instantly and seamlessly directed to outlook.com.

How does Typocorrect work?

Using state of the art programming technology and an algorithm that top programmers world wide would die for, Typocorrect is able to detect what the user is really looking for and will direct them to the correct website.

How do I install Typocorrect?

Simply follow the links on the Home Page of typocorrect.org to the relevant Firefox or Chrome add-on/extension stores. There, you will be able to download the software and install it on your browser.

How do I uninstall or disable Typocorrect?

Simply go to the relevant add-on or extension menu of your browser and disable or delete the program from there.

Why is Typocorrect free?

We believe in the greater good and Typocorrect is a side project for us. We felt that there was a hole in the online browsing world and we wanted to fill it by giving something back to the Internet world.

Is Typocorrect 100% effective?

From our own experience and extensive testing we believe Typocorrect to be around 99% effective. From time to time, there is website that slips past us or is directed incorrectly. Thankfully, we’ve already thought about this issue. Once installed, you will see a ‘TC’ icon in your toolbar where you can report a false typo correct. We will manually review every typo, and where necessary, we will add it to our algorithm to ensure the correction is made for all users ongoing.

How do I know if Typocorrect is working?

This is really easy to determine. Once installed, you will see a ‘TC’ icon in your toolbar. It will tell you how many typos have been entered and automatically corrected on a daily level and an overall level. You will be pleasantly surprised just how many typos have been corrected and more importantly, how many fake websites you have NOT visited!

Does Typocorrect collect data?

We do NOT collect personal data, IP addresses or browsing history. The only things we do collect are URL’s typed in incorrectly where we have not yet figured out an appropriate redirect URL. We use this information only to improve the Typocorrect algorithm to make our add-on/extension more user friendly and practical for all users.

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