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Cookieplux implements additional cookie handling logic on top of firefox's so that users can maintain different cookie based sessions on multiple tabs. When the add on is installed, it will show up as a new button in the toolbar. User can activate the addon for the current tab, by clicking on it. Once activated, the icon changes color, and a colored dot will appear in the current tab, beside it's name. Sessions starting after the activation of the addon will be protected from other tabs. So the workflow is something like this
  1. Activate Cookieplux on tab 1
  2. Login to site as user-1
  3. Open new tab, and activate Cookieplux.
  4. Login to site as user-2

This ordering should be strictly followed for Cookieplux to work.

Different tabs can share the same session. When the user activates the addon, he can choose to inherit the global session or a session from another tab where Cookieplux is active, or it can start with a blank session. Tabs sharing the same session will have came colored dots indicating this.

Cookieplux works by selectively blocking and rewriting cookie values. It works best with site that does not heavily use javascript to manipulate cookies.This is primary intended for web development while testing that involves multiple logged in users simultaneously.

After installing, you will see the Cookieplux's icon in the toolbar. You can activate Cookieplux for a tab by clicking on the icon in the toolbar. At this point, you have three options regarding how to select the cookies to start this session with. If you select to 'inherit from global session', then any logins that are currently active will be active in the Cookieplux session for the current tab. If you 'start with a blank session' then the new session will not have any active cookies, and the user will not be logged in anywhere. You can also select a Cookieplux session that is active in another tab. Then the new tab will share all the cookies (and sessions) with the selected tab.

This extension is primarily intended to use while testing web applications that you fully control. Using this extension with web based email and social media services is not advised.

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