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A simple plugin which displays word meaning on the same page while reading. Install the plugin, click on the plugin icon to make it green and, when you read, double click on the word that you want to look up. Meanings will get displayed in a small notification window. The app fetches meanings from Google dictionary and WordNet. Your computer must be connected to Internet for the plugin to work.

ASKIt 0.4
*NEW* Now ASKIt supports Math operations like +, -, * and /.

1) Your computer must be connected to Internet for the Add-on to work.
2) If the ASKIt add-on is not working for you, please make sure it's up to date.
Visit www.theaskdev.com, and download recent ASKIt add-on.

How to use ASKIt?
1) You can turn on and off the add-on, under add-on menu.
2) Under add-on menu you can choose required dictionary to fetch meaning, default `Smart Search` is selected. Right now "Google" and "WordNet" are optional.
3) Double-click on any word to view its meaning in a small pop-up bubble. In bubble "more" link is provided to visit the related website to check meaning.

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