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Session Sync


Save sessions and access them across multiple machines...
Using Session Sync you can save sessions as bookmarks.
Use the rich user interface for session management: create, restore, open, edit or delete sessions/bookmarks or add new tabs to a certain session.

Why save sessions as bookmarks?
- all the data saved will be there no matter what addon you may use in the feature
- when using the url bar, Firefox will automatically suggest links based on your bookmarks
- easy access/edit/backup and then restore saved data using the integrated Bookmark Manager (even on smartphone / tablet) even if the addon is not installed

Shortcut keys
- CTRL+SHIFT+F - open the Widget UI
- CTRL+SHIFT+V - open the Detach Mode UI
- Starting with Firefox 60 shortcuts keys can be changed in the addon-config bar. (Previous versions of Firefox do not offer the WebExtensions API required for this feature)

The sync functionality works with any bookmark synchronization service like:
Session Sync will automatically detect new updates and display the updated sessions list across multiple machines.

Version 3.0.0 - WebExtensions port

General features
- advanced bookmark management
- session auto-saving
- history list - session can be saved later as classic bookmark sessions
- private windows are ignored by auto-save

- resizable widget UI
- detach the UI into a Tab or a separate Window
- advance UI scaling for individual UI areas (session list, bookmark list, session header and toolbar)
- customization panel
- support for touch input
- session sorting by name/position/date
- session filtering
- advanced drag-n-drop UI with fluid animations
- improved access to help page and improved general usage information (tutorial)

Download files:


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