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ShowIP [private]



1. Shows the IP address of the current page in the status bar (currently only once the page has fully loaded).
2. Easy copy-to-clipboard functionality (click the IP icon)
3. No network snooping (unlike the ShowIP add-on)

Use case:

As a web developer while developing/testing a web service/website, sometimes you will need to configure a local host (in your system hosts files) that bypasses DNS to run server code on your local machine.

Sometime after deploying your code and re-configuring the hosts file on your local server you might be unsure if your browser is still serving from your local host/server or the the live remote server.

This add-on helps to remove the uncertainty.

All this without sending your browsing habits to a third-party site. Unlike the original ShowIP plugin which sends data to the ads.panoratech.net and is classed as Malware.

More recent edition of the original ShowIP add-on includes an AdBeaver ad network plugin.

ShowIP Private does not contain any third-party ad networks of software.

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Download files:


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