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Extrasafe is a product from The Extra Labs, which efficiently manages your password. You only need to remember one password for all your accounts. Extrasafe generates different complicated passwords for different sites. It does not store anything beyond your browser/application. Your password can be secured further by using the Extrasafe options. It is available on all major platforms like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer*, Safari, Opera and also on mobile platforms like Android, Apple iOS* and Windows store*. Generates different password as your profile changes between personal, official, default.

Key Features:

~ Generates different password for different sites.

~ Provides you a master password box in all web sites.

~ NEVER stores any site passwords anywhere.

~ NEVER stores your master password anywhere.

~ Provides a back up plan, which generates same password as generated by this extension.

~ Change the options to increase your security.

~ Personal, Official, Default profiles are available to save different set of options.

~ Switch between profiles seamlessly.

~ Compatible across all major platforms (browsers & mobile).

~ Designed for humans, very user friendly.

~ Has passed 1 MILLION tests for consistency in security.

~ Doesn't need your credit card details !

* - not yet available

Download files:


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