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AdChange For AdblockPlus


New version available (V1.1) click here

Choose the images of your hard disk and enjoy the web as you wanted it!
You can choose also a Facebook album and a Flickr search.

You can even put your own webpage in place of ads.
So it's open to create a lot of widgets to be inserted in place of ads. I've already put the facebook and twitter gadgets for igoogle . You can add your own gadget in you find one.

Needs AdBlock Plus in order to work but no need of configuration change

The replaced ads act like the original ads, so sometimes one of them is showing up in the middle of your screen but you can hide it by just clicking on it.
Your images don't have the same size as ads to be replaced, so the best image that fits the ad size is chosen. You can see the hidded part of your image by hovering above

Most of ads are created by scripts so you must be aware that scripts are whitelisted in AdBlock Plus in order to replace their ads. Also if you use Noscript add-on, you won't see a lot of replaced ads.

Download files:


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