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Broadworks Enhancement Suite User Guide

For users of Broadworks web interface (aka commpilot), a common task is to locate a user based on the user's Phone Number.
To do so, it currently takes 9 mouse clicks (I've actually counted!).

If this has annoyed you or if you are wondering if there is a faster way of doing things (plus reduce RSI), there is now!

Broadworks Enhancement Suite is a script that enhances the User Experience on the web-based Broadworks Device Management System (aka Commpilot).
It does so by preselecting sensible search criteria (e.g. "contains" instead of "starts with").
It is also smart enough not to override any of your pre-configured search filters.
So as an example, the number of clicks needed to locate a user based on the Phone number can be cut down from 9 to 3.

On the "Searching for User" pages, the interface will autoselect the "Phone Number" field
On all search pages, the Interface will autoselect the "Contains" field if available
The script will auto click on search if you don't have any previous search result (or if URL is not in your exclusions list)
If you already have a search filter in the search box, it is smart enough not to overwrite what's in your search filter

2015/03/03 Version 1.0d Initial Production Version
2015/03/05 Version 1.0e Improved keyboard focus handling
2015/03/13 Version 1.0f Fixed bug with Busy Lamp Field search criteria selection

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