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Browse Images


Browses all linked images of a page one after another or at once.

This add-on generates a list of all linked images from a site. This list can be access by the status bar icon.

If you have no forward history, you can cycle through this list with the forward button, the extra mouse button for forward works also. You can use always the shortcut Alt+Shift+Right Arrow.

You can save all linked images to a folder of your choice.

Incrementing and decrementing an URL is also possible to go easier to consecutive images galleries.

NOTE: There won't be any upgrades in the next time. To fulfill Mozilla add-on quality standards a complete rewrite of the addon is necessary as the source code is old and was written at the time of Firefox 2. And I have no time to do this, I have other priorities, I'm sorry.

The maximum firefox version of the addon is set to 6.*, so you should be able to install it. Then you can test which function still works.

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