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SciZone was created to enhance the web with scientific literacy and discourse.

Many times on the internet, people write comments on news sites, social media, blogs, etc. that make assertions without citing their sources. If they do cite their sources, it may be difficult for the reader to follow its trail and check its validity. This add-on fixes that issue by enhancing online discussion. SciZone allows users to view and insert special SciZone snippets, which act as portals to scientific information such as graphs and definitions.

For instance, if you are writing a comment on a news article about smoking in the United States, you may want to incorporate real, verified data in your comment. Traditionally, this may be done by pasting an obscure URL at the end of your comment. Others may even make assertions about smoking which are faulty or false altogether, while leaving the reader no effective way to rebut the comment with verifiability.

With SciZone, you can search for a dataset and place the snippet in your comment. When other users with the add-on installed hover over this snippet, they can see an interactive chart that, in this case, outlines with a line chart that smoking rates have nearly halved steadily from the 1960s to today. Users can even examine the chart in detail, hovering over data points to get specific information.

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