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Archiveror archives webpages by submitting them to archive.is, archive.org, perma.cc
and webcitation.org. These archives are publicly available, so you then have a
backup that you can refer to in case the original falls prey to link rot.

Archiveror also preserves your bookmarks by automatically archiving them in the
background. Its icon changes when you visit a bookmark it has archived, clicking
on it shows the archive links. Archiving of bookmarks happens when you make a
new bookmark and when you open an old bookmark. This can be disabled.

You can manually archive webpages by clicking on the icon, using the Alt+Shift+Y
hotkey (configurable), via the page's right click context menu, or by
right-clicking on links on a page. The URL for the archive is then copied to
your clipboard, so you can easily paste the link for references and citations.

Happy archiving!

Archiving Services
Archiveror supports several online archiving service. When clicking on the icon,
you'll see an "Archive Now" button. You can select which archiving services to
use when you click this button at the options, there you can also select
multiple services to archive a single page at multiple web archives.

Known Issues
There are some known issues with Archiveror. Many of these are due to bugs in
Firefox itself, please vote for the bugs if you're affected by them.

For an explanation of the required permissions, see: https://github.com/rahiel/archiveror/wiki/Permissions.
Don't report bugs in reviews, report bugs at the issue tracker: https://github.com/rahiel/archiveror/issues.

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