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The Official Topix Toolbar


Topix is the leading news community connecting people all over the US to local information that matters to them. Topix gives its users direct access to tens of thousands of news sources, which can be sorted by topic and geography, enabling users to easily access the news that sparks their interests. In addition, the Topix forums are a hotbed of discussion for members to engage in written dialogue about everything in the news, from local events to global breaking news.
More about this add-on: The official Topix add-on lets you access Topix in an all new way from Firefox. This add-on keeps you connected with the most up to date and relevant news from Topix’s sources and also connects you with your Topix profile to stay up to date with your local news and connect with other forum users. The add-on also lets you have a one click connection to:
1. Local news in different categories
2. News by geography
3. Top Stories
4. News trends
5. Breaking news
6. Popular news
Also, if you are a Topix member you get the following:
1. Profile page link
2. Reply updates
The add-on offers great games that community members can engage in including:
Sudoku, Connect 4, Chess and many more fun games

Download files:


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