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SeLite Hands-on GUI


Urgent note
This productivity add-on is affected by Firefox defect "tree.inputField's type as autocomplete fails". Vote for that bug, please.

Your vote is essential. Otherwise Mozilla may take years to fix it. Please, also vote for http://selite.github.io/ThirdPartyIssues.

SeLite Hands-on GUI is an extension of Selenium IDE. See http://selite.github.io/ and http://selite.github.io/Components.

It makes Selenium IDE GUI more practical:


Backwards compatibility: Selecting whole row
You can still benefit from classic Selenium IDE operations with command/comment rows (such as key shortcuts to insert or delete row, copy or paste rows, to toggle breakpoints...). In order to select a row, click (or right-click) at it and hit ESC. If you'd like to execute a command, double-click at its first column (Command).

Don't report any issues here (through Mozilla). Use http://selite.github.io/TroubleShooting.

Get more value
You may benefit from other components of SeLite family. It
- improves Selenium IDE,
- enables reuse,
- supports reporting and interaction,
- facilitates team work.

Please, give moral support. Vote for third party issues. Only then SeLite can progress faster.

See http://selite.github.io/#get-more-value.

Download files:


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