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Online Coupons and Deals of top stores in USA


Online Coupons and Deals of top stores in USA
The extension gives the latest deals and online coupons for all the stores in U.S.A, It makes your finding coupons while shopping very easy.

Just click on the extension and find the latest deals while browsing the store itself and use them to save money and time.

Example: If you are browsing your favourite store like amazon.com and while buying online , you want to check Latest amazon deals going on, you just need to click on the extension link and it will show you in a drop down the latest deals of the Amazon store , you just copy the code , redeem it and save money and time.

Where as if you are not browsing any store and just on a casual website , you can still with a click find out the recent deals on Buxoff and click and start your shopping.

This extension has been provided by Buxoff.com.

Buxoff, the first truly free online platform for offers, is the first technology platform that is free for consumers as well as ecommerce stores. With its innovative OPO model, where in Buxoff does not charge any commission from the stores, and the first dedicated forums for E-commerce, Buxoff aims to become the single e-commerce platform between the online consumers and the stores.

An insight into the kind of products that the team at Buxoff is working on is given below

Mobile App: State of the art mobile application that will use Artificial intelligence to provide the right offer of the right product at the right time.

Browser Extension: An innovative browser extension that will provide real time deals to users, while they browse their favorite Ecommerce websites.

Various Technologies and Artificial intelligent (AI) systems Buxoff plans to use, in order to revolutionize the Ecommerce industry.

Social Mapped Search (SmS): Social Mapped Search (SmS), that is touted to be the next big thing in ecommerce, helps provide the most relevant content, after mapping the social behavior of the consumer, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform.

Geo Mapped Search (Gems): This technology helps us to provide the most relevant content, depending on the Geographical location of the consumer.

FOX: A deal scouting algorithm that will intelligently identify the user, on the basis of its past behavior, and suggest the most relevant deals.

Cocktail: An intelligent search algorithm that enables “search” for products and its deals.

To Contact buxoff , please mail us at [email protected] or Visit our website: http://buxoff.com

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