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Flash Gestures


No longer supports Firefox version 41 or higher! Please do not install on Firefox 41 or higher versions.

This add-on resolves mouse gestures and hotkeys usability problem on plugins like Adobe Flash.

* Allow using mouse gestures on any type of plugins. (FireGestures and All-in-One Gestures tested)
* Support using most of Firefox hotkeys when plugins have focus.
* Have a customizable toggle button.
* Supports Win64, Win32 and WOW64 platforms.

* If you are unable to type text into some Flash Players, please go to Flash Gestures' options, enable "Force plugins to use windowed mode", and refresh the page.
* Due to the heavy resource usage of Flash Player when playing a video, the browser may lag while you draw mouse gestures. Turning off Flash Player's protected mode could alleviate this problem. For information about how to turn off Flash Player's protected mode, please refer to https://forums.adobe.com/message/4468493#TemporaryWorkaround.
* Some anti-virus softwares may warn you that FlashGesturesHook32/64.dll tries to do remote code injection (or similar wording). This is normal and not a malicious behavior. Flash Gestures depends on remote code injection to detect mouse gestures and Firefox hotkeys.
* FireGestures doesn't show trails when used on Flash plugins: this is because a recent update of FireGestures has changed the way it renders the mouse trails. It doesn't affect the execution of gesture commands.

Minimum supported Firefox version: Firefox 24.0
Minimum supported Windows version: Windows XP SP3

Homepage: http://patwonder.github.io/FlashGestures/
Source code: https://github.com/patwonder/FlashGestures
Submit issues: https://github.com/patwonder/FlashGestures/issues

Download files:


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