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Dev Buttons


The maximum supported Firefox version for this addon is Firefox 56.
Newer browser versions' standards are not compatible with the source code.

It is possible to install the addon in Firefox Nightly 57+ using the direct release from GitHub. Available links:
    - direct installation: dev-buttons.xpi
    - all releases: https://github.com/mortalis13/Dev-Buttons-XPI/releases
    - source code: https://github.com/mortalis13/Dev-Buttons-XPI

You may click on the direct link and allow the installation or download the XPI file to your PC and drag it to the browser for manual installation.
To download it right click on the link and select 'Save Link As...'.

If you have any question or problem installing it create an issue on GitHub using the Support Site link on this page.

This addon adds a menu toolbar button to toggle the web developer Toolbox in Firefox
The button has the following features:
- the button itself toggles the Toolbox
- the menu is opened/closed on mouse enter/leave the arrow button
- the menu contains items to open Inspector, Console and Debugger tabs of the Toolbox

Download files:


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