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*** CLICK HERE FOR THE DOWNLOAD PAGE!! *** (after 30 days, addons.mozilla.org, has not yet published the update of BeeFree from version to!! even skipping all versions in the between!!! You'd better to download the original version of BeeFree from the HONEY BEE NET if you don't want to experience slowdowns!!!)

BeeFREE is a Firefox's addon made with the main idea to help you, to defend your privacy online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In order to protect your privacy online BEEFREE removes tracking links, replaces your browser's user agent and removes the HTTP referrer when needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As a side-effect BEEFREE will speed-up your Net surfing!!!!!!!!!! Good, is it? -- It's the price you'll pay for avoiding to connect yourself with (slow and evil) tracking servers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bee Free is mostly made to work against the tracking systems used by ad companies and web search engines!!!!!!!!!!!
Bee Free supports several web search engines!!!!!! Including the most known search engines, like: Altavista, Google, Yahoo and AOL!!!!!!!!! (look at the full list of known websites)

You can learn more about Bee FREE on its website and look for help (or whatever you want) on its forum board (no registration is required to post!!!!!!!!!!).

Download files:


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