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SimpleSort Bookmarks


Do you need to keep your bookmark library sorted so you can find faster your bookmarks?
Me too, so I made this addon.

I also need to avoid to sort the "ToRead" folder I use for short lived bookmarks.
I like to keep them sorted by time because I can easily access the last ones. So I added the blacklist.

The plans for this addon is to stay as simple and clean as possible from the side of the user, but also from the side of the developer. This means not adding too many options and features.

Getting started
At first run a page will open to allow the initial setup.
  1. Before using this addon you may want to backup your bookmark library.
  2. You may add a bookmark folder to the blacklist of the not to be sorted folders.
  3. If your bookmarks are a mess you can sort all your library. In case you skipped step one, the addon will remember you to backup before starting the sorting.
Other options are available in the addons preferences page in the "Extensions" section of Firefox.

Features list

This addon will sort every folder not in the blacklist. If you dont like the new order the only way to revert to the previous situation is to restore from your backup. There isn't an "undo" feature in this addon and the backup is only two clicks away.
I warmly recommend to save you bookmarks before proceeding.

For now the settings are not synchronized with your Firefox account. If you install this addon on multiple devices, remember to configure the blacklisted folder in each installation.

If you are using another addon that moves or changes automatically the bookmarks there is a probability they will conflict. For example if you are testing two addons for automatic bookmark sorting they will probably try to sort each other actions untill the end of time.

SimpleSort Bookmarks GitHub repository .

Download files:


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