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Block comments


Block comments (Firefox addon)

User content is an indispensable part of the internet. Think of all the awesome Youtube videos. But on some occasions, the content is better without frustrated people with too much time spewing their wordy ignorance all over your screen. Think of Youtube 96.4% of all Youtube comments.

This comic describes it well: http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=759

Stil, it can be tempting to read it, and even reply. This addon is here to help you resist that urge, by simply hiding this wordy ignorance.

Included websites

These things are blocked:

* Youtube: comments
* 9gag: comments

(This list might not be entirely up-to-date)


Any additional blocking rules are most welcome! The code is at https://bitbucket.org/mverleg/firefox_no_comments


Revised BSD License, see LICENSE.txt. You can use the addon as you choose, without warranty. The code is also available, see Contributors.

Download files:


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