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Block "read more"


Block 'read more' (Firefox addon)

Sometimes you find the most interesting things through the various websites which suggest more of their content for you to check out. Other times you have things to do and you came to the site for some specific information. And you don't want to be distracted by '10 things you never knew about ...', you don't want to know about the history of the Qing dynasty and you especially don't want to get stuck in 'that weird part of Youtube'.

That's what this addon tries to help with. It lets you visit the content that Google (or Bing, I won't judge) found for you, without the suggestions to 'check out this amazing ...'.

Included websites

These things are blocked:

* Wikipedia: 'did you know', 'featured article' and 'today' (only news on Homepage)
* Youtube: side suggestions & main page suggestions, not the end-of-video suggestions
* Stackexchange network: hot network questions
* Facebook: just suggested groups, games, interests and lists
* Quora: several lists of related questions

which is already enough to save days worth of time, but other suggestions are welcome!


Any additional blocking rules are most welcome! You can request them at https://github.com/mverleg/block_read_more/issues


Revised BSD License, see https://github.com/mverleg/block_read_more/blob/master/LICENSE.txt. You can use the addon as you choose, without warranty. The code is also available, see Contributors.

Download files:


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