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Byteswap Toolbar


Create public or private groups to share and discuss information related to hobbies, family, business - whatever common interest brings the group together.

Perfect for the individual looking to organize bookmarks, PDFs and contacts; groups interested in a shared hobby; work colleagues looking to share information, etc.

Additional features include a personal blog, user messaging, group discussion boards, ability to quickly save links on a queue for looking at later, a list of the sites you visit regularly and more.

Byteswap is meant to be an actual tool for real use, not just a way to check on the current mood of people you know. The real power of Byteswap comes over time. You’re storing links and other information that’s relevant to you and your work or your hobbies - whatever.

You’re also making social connections with like-minded people who are doing the same. These are likely people you know, they think like you, have similar interests, maybe work in the same fields. Bottom line, the things that are relevant to them are likely relevant to you.

So over time when you’re looking for information, Byteswap becomes your first stop because it is a source of highly relevant search results.

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