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Bookmark Sorter


NOTE: As of 06/19/2017 I just submitted version 0.9 which includes the multiprocessCompatible tag. It is unlikely I will have time to convert this add on to a WebExtension for Firefox 57+. If anyone wants to do so, the source code is available at https://github.com/fsharpn00b/BookmarkSorter.

IMPORTANT: Always back up your bookmarks before you begin sorting. I have never lost any of my bookmarks using Bookmark Sorter, but it is always best to be safe. It is also a good idea to create a few test bookmark folders and bookmarks to work with while you familiarize yourself with Bookmark Sorter.

NOTE: Be careful when using this add on immediately after starting Firefox. There is currently a bug in Firefox that can interfere with the use of Promises, on which this add on depends. See:

If you have just started Firefox, to ensure that this add on functions correctly, open the Settings menu and select Developer > Browser Console. In the Browser Console, look for the following message.

"A promise chain failed to handle a rejection. Did you forget to '.catch', or did you forget to 'return'?
See https://developer.mozilla.org/Mozilla/JavaScript_code_modules/Promise.jsm/Promise
Date: (current date and time)
Full Message: loop is not enabled"

Once that message has appeared, this add on should function correctly.

Version notes are at the end of this description.

The Bookmark Sorter user interface consists of three panes with adjustable widths.

1. To the left is the bookmark folders pane. This pane contains a list box that lists all bookmark folders below the Bookmarks Menu folder. If you mouse over a folder, the tooltip shows the complete folder path. If you select a folder, the folder's bookmarks are shown in the center pane and you can begin sorting them.

2. In the center is the bookmarks pane. This pane contains a list box with two columns. The left column contains bookmark titles. The right column contains the destination bookmark folder for each bookmark. The destination folder is where Bookmark Sorter moves the bookmark when you tell it to sort. If you mouse over a bookmark list item, the tooltip shows the bookmark URL. If you double-click a bookmark list item, Bookmark Sorter opens the bookmark in your most recent browser window.

At the bottom of the pane is a drop-down list labeled Destination. This lets you manually select the destination folder for all selected bookmarks. You can select multiple bookmarks at once. You can also manually select the destination folder for all selected bookmarks by right-clicking on the list box and selecting the folder from the context menu.

3. To the right is the rules pane. The rules pane contains a list box with two columns. The left column contains rules. The right column contains the destination bookmark folder for each rule. The destination folder is where Bookmark Sorter assumes you want to move all bookmarks that match the rule.

At the bottom of the pane are two drop-down lists and several buttons. These are as follows.

Rule: The text of a rule that you want to add or save to the rules list. A rule is a set of words. Bookmark Sorter matches a bookmark with a rule if either the bookmark title or URL contains one of the words in the rule.

- A space is considered part of a word. For example, the rule "mozilla firefox" requires that a bookmark contain "mozilla firefox", including the space.

- You can enter multiple words for a rule, separated by commas. For example, the rule "mozilla,firefox" requires that a bookmark contain either the word "mozilla" or the word "firefox".

- You can require that a bookmark contain more than one word using the & symbol. For example, the rule "mozilla&firefox" requires that a bookmark contain both the words "mozilla" and "firefox", not necessarily next to each other.

- If a bookmark matches more than one rule, the rule that is highest in the list takes precedence in determining where Bookmark Sorter moves the bookmark.

- If you have a bookmark that matches one of your rules, but you want to make an exception for it (that is, you want to move it to a different folder than the one specified by the rule), you can manually select a different folder for that bookmark in the bookmarks pane. Once you do this, Bookmark Sorter does not try to match the bookmark with any rules. If you select a different bookmark folder in the bookmark folders pane, then return to the original bookmark folder, Bookmark Sorter forgets about the exception.

- Bookmark Sorter matches bookmarks to rules whenever you select a bookmark folder, add a rule, save a rule, delete a rule, move a rule up, move a rule down, or load a ruleset.

Destination: The destination folder for a rule that you want to add or save to the rules list.

Add: Adds a new rule with the rule text and destination folder you have specified.

Save: Updates the selected rule in the rules list to have the rule text and destination folder you have specified.

Delete: Deletes the selected rule.

Up: Moves the selected rule up in the rules list.

Down: Moves the selected rule down in the rules list.

Load Ruleset: Loads a ruleset file that you have previously saved.

Save Ruleset: Saves the current rules list to a ruleset file.

Sort: Bookmark Sorter moves the bookmarks listed in the bookmarks pane to the destination folders indicated there. Do not click this button until you are satisfied that all of the bookmarks listed in the bookmarks pane have the correct destination folders selected!


Bookmark Sorter detects changes to your bookmark folders and bookmarks.

- If your bookmark folders change, Bookmark Sorter reloads the folders in the bookmark folders pane, the destination folder drop-down lists, and the context menu for the bookmarks list box. It also clears the bookmarks list box.

- If your bookmarks change in the bookmark folder that you currently have selected, Bookmark Sorter reloads the bookmarks list box.


Bookmark Sorter uses Promise.jsm, so it requires Firefox 25 or higher. If you are not using Firefox 29 or higher, you might also need to enable the flag dom.promise.enabled in about:config. For more information, see the section "Browser Compatibility" in:

If you have any problems or questions, please let me know at [email protected] On the other hand, if Bookmark Sorter helps you, please take a moment to review it. Even just one or two words are appreciated, as every review helps get the word out to more potential users.

All contributions go to Forget Me Not Animal Shelter. Thank you very much for your contributions.

Thank you for downloading. Thank you also to the add-on reviewers and the authors of the following:
Mozilla Developer Network documentation
Session Manager add-on
Tab Groups Helper add-on
My apologies to anyone I have overlooked.


New in version 0.8.

- Fixed a bug.
-- Previously, Bookmark Sorter would show an error when you searched for a bookmark that did not have a title. This is now fixed.


New in version 0.7.

- Updated compatibility. I tested this version successfully on Firefox developer edition version 51.


New in version 0.6.

- Fixed bugs.
-- Previously, Bookmark Sorter would sometimes show an error while trying to save a ruleset file. This is now fixed.
-- Previously, Bookmark Sorter would sometimes overwrite an existing ruleset file without prompting the user for confirmation. This is now fixed.


New in version 0.5.

- Fixed bugs.
-- If you use Firefox Library to move a bookmark to the bookmark folder that is currently selected in Bookmark Sorter, Bookmark Sorter now detects the moved bookmark. Previously, it did not.
-- Previously, if you manually set the bookmark folder destinations for one or more bookmarks, then double clicked any bookmark to open it in a browser window, Bookmark Sorter would sometimes clear the manually set bookmark folder destinations. This has been fixed.

- New features.
-- You can now set each rule to try to match both the bookmark title and URL, only the bookmark title, or only the bookmark URL. You can still load rulesets you saved using previous versions of Bookmark Sorter.
-- You can now search for bookmarks, rather than select a bookmark folder. Bookmark Sorter shows the bookmarks that meet your search criteria in the bookmarks list in the center pane. You can then sort these bookmarks as you normally would.


New in version 0.4.

You can now assign keyboard shortcuts to your bookmark folders.

To get started, right-click a bookmark folder in the left pane and select "Add Keyboard Shortcut" from the context menu. In the dialog that appears, press the key you want to use as the shortcut and click OK.

Next, select one or more bookmark folders in the center pane. Press the shortcut key you defined previously. The selected bookmarks now have the corresponding bookmark folder set as their destination.

You can view all your keyboard shortcuts by right-clicking any bookmark folder in the left pane and selecting "View Keyboard Shortcuts". The resulting dialog shows all your keyboard shortcuts, not just those for whatever bookmark folder you right-clicked. You can also use this dialog to delete keyboard shortcuts you do not want.

If you assign a keyboard shortcut to a bookmark folder and then delete the bookmark folder, the keyboard shortcut appears in the View Keyboard Shortcuts dialog with "(NOT VALID)" as its assigned bookmark folder. If you select one or more bookmarks and press this shortcut key, Bookmark Sorter shows an alert to remind you the bookmark folder is deleted. You can reassign the shortcut key to a different bookmark folder in the same way as you assigned it to the previous one.

When you close Bookmark Sorter, it saves your keyboard shortcuts to your preferences, then retrieves them the next time you open it.


New in version 0.3.

- Fixed bugs.
-- If you load a ruleset, the rules list is cleared first. In previous versions, the rules list was not cleared, which resulted in multiple rulesets being loaded at once.
-- If you delete a bookmark folder, the rules that have that folder specified as their destination are marked "NOT VALID". You can then set these rules to have a new destination. In previous versions, this situation caused Bookmark Sorter to raise an exception.

- Main window.
-- Window now maximizes on load.
-- If you click the toolbar button when the window is already open, Bookmark Sorter now sets the focus to the existing window, rather than open a new one.
-- You can now collapse the Bookmark Folders pane and Rules pane.
-- Added a column to the bookmark tree to indicate if the bookmark destination is set manually and not subject to rules.
-- Added columns to the rule tree to indicate is a rule is a regular expression and if it is case sensitive.
-- Added column splitters.
-- Added Preferences button to main window.
-- When you double-click a bookmark in the bookmarks list to open it in the browser window, Bookmark Sorter now sets the focus to the browser window.
-- You can now set each rule to be treated as a regular expression.
-- You can now set each rule to match case.

- Added preferences.
-- Font size.
-- Default background and foreground (text) colors.
-- Background and foreground (text) colors for items the user hovers over.
-- Background and foreground (text) colors for selected items.
-- Whether Bookmark Sorter should log the bookmarks it moves. You can find the log data in the browser console.
-- Bookmark Sorter now uses a preference to remember the folder where you last saved or loaded a ruleset.

- Notes.

-- Version 0.3 adds two new fields to each rule: whether the rule is a regular expression, and whether the rule should match case. You can still load rulesets you saved using previous versions of Bookmark Sorter.

-- Before version 0.3, all rules were treated as regular expressions. Now a rule is treated as a regular expression only if you set it that way. If not, is it treated literally. For example, if a rule contains ".", and is not set as a regular expression, it will match a bookmark title or URL that contains the character ".", rather than match the "." to any character as a regular expression does.

-- In version 0.3, if a rule is not set as a regular expression, the characters "," and "&" have special meanings and are not treated literally. This is the same behavior as in previous versions. If you need to match the characters "," and "&" literally, please use a regular expression rule to do so.

-- A regular expression rule is considered to match a bookmark if it matches any part of the bookmark title or URL. To require the rule to match the entire title or URL, use the ^ and $ operators.

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