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CREDACIOUS--The Credible Web


Credacious Browser Extension For Twitter:

Enjoy your popular social streams like Twitter and Facebook? Well you can make them Credacious too. By installing the companion browser extension, you can add many of Credacious features (www.credacious.com) to your tweets. You can see and vote on their credacity and start topics on them too! Simply install it and go to Twitter and engage tweets Credaciously. Try it out!

What is Credacious?

Credacious is the first social network focused on credibility. When you’re in Credacious, you post, read, and decide on the credibility ('Credacity') of other people's posts, and while you do, you build your own Credacity and grow and protect it as well. People find you and engage you because of it. You’re about technology or business or environment or politics. In Credacious, you can create and participate in various streams (we call them 'cast streams') with any subject you're interested in. It's like having multiple Facebook and Twitter streams in one place. But better and far more Credacious. Go ahead create a few Cast streams, add interesting people to them, and post something Credacious.

Grow your Credacity. Build The Credible Web. It's free. Please share your thoughts on how to improve Credacious on the Suggestions Cast!

Make your social streams Credacious. Build The Credible Web.

Download files:


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