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Google Site Indexer


Google Site Indexer, GSI, uses some of Google's Advanced Operators (Site and Inurl). By sending a site query such as, site:tankedgenius.com, to Google, one can retrieve all files Google has indexed. However, Google only retrieves a maximum of a thousand results. In order to get more results, one can combine the advanced operators, such as site:tankedgenius.com inurl:cp. GSI does both of these in order to generate a site index.


To run Google Site Indexer, open Firefox.
Go to Tools->GSI
Fill in the appropriate website.

Alternatively you can right-click and Choose GSI. If you right-clicked on a link, the link will automatically populate the website field. Otherwise the current website will populate it.

Recursive Search:
If you choose to use a recursive search, GSI will use inurl searches. For example, if you choose to do a Google Site Index on tankedgenius.com. It would first send a query site:tankedgenius.com. The query would return a result of http://www.tankedgenius.com/blog/cp/index.html. If a recursive search is at level is at 1, then it would also send a query of site:tankedgenius.com inurl:blog. It would then add the results from that to the index. If the recursion level is set to 2, it would also send a query of site:tankedgenius.com inurl:cp and get the results.

Full website names:
By default GSI displays an indented site index with only the directory name showing for each link. If you would prefer, you can set this option so that it shows the entire link.

Note: Due to the nature of the Google queries that GSI sends, GSI may get 403 errors from Google. These errors are normal when sending queries with multiple operators.

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