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Forum Tags PLUS (Image tags)


A quick and simple way of posting pictures or quoting text on forums. This is an updated version of Forum Tags, the Forum Tags PLUS addon allows Multi Tags or a combination of images tags and quotes. The result is copied to the clipboard ready for posting on the message board with ctrl-v or right click > paste. Example of the output are below.

[img]http ://www.picrandom.com/images/photopodfd.jpg[/img] < Space inserted after the http to stop FF treating it as a link in the example.

[quote]Firefox is used by about 1 in 4 internet users, making it the second most popular browser in terms of current use worldwide after Microsoft's Internet Explorer[/quote]

To clear the clipboard and start a new multi tag list 'Tag' > 'Multi Tag' > 'Multi Tag' > 'Multi Tag' > 'Multi Tag' > 'Multi Tag' .....

The 'Forum Tags PLUS' addon has the ability to see 'through' the flickr Spaceball.gif transparency to the underlying image and thus these can be tagged as normal. The code also detects if the pictures hosted as an attachment, if so it will alert the user that the hotlinking will probably fail and advises you rehost it to Imageshack etc ...

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