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experimental browser


This extensions has a toolbar button. When clicked, it opens a new window with experimental browser.

Only basic functions are supported: back, forward, stop, and go. With development, new features will appear, based on the page about the "browser" XUL element.

The goal
This experimental browser is intended to provide a replacement for Firefox with a simpler interface, which is probably going to be closely connected with the structure of the code. The "interface design" will simply put browser attributes into buttons and preferences, without any attempts to resemble IE8 or Opera or Safari. For example, the unified back and forward menu-list button will certainly be absent, as it has no relation to the code and inner workings of browser, but only with the Mr. Novice-User-Who-Does-Not-Know-What-History-Is-And-How-To-Sort-It-By-Last-Visited (if this is uncomfortable or rarely done in Firefox, it will be placed in a more comfortable place in this experimental browser).

As with any development, some questions are undergoing active research. These currently are:

  1. A portable (without registry modifications, without usage of user firectory, etc.) XUL runner would be fine to run over a Gecko engine without Firefox.
  2. How to write a toolbar in XUL with a drag-part at the left, which allows to move the toolbar when left mouse button is clicked and holded? Like in Open Office Org, like in LyX, and like in many other applications?
  3. How to define a variable in JavaScript globally?
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