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Auction Negs!


Displays all the Negative Feedback an eBay user has received via right-click or Tools menu.

Usage Options

1. "Right click" the mouse on an eBay username on any eBay page, then select Ebay Negs!
2. Highlight an Ebay username link with your mouse on any Ebay page, then "right click" and select Ebay Negs
3. Just "right click" on any Ebay auction page and then select Ebay Negs and the extension will automatically try and work out the username. If the extension doesnt find an ebay username, it will pop up a text entry box that will let you enter the ebay username of the person whose negative/neutral feedback you wish to check.
4. Highlight an ebay username that is in "plain text" on any web page and then right click and select Ebay Negs! you will also then be transferred to the http://www.toolhaus.org page where all the negative feedback remarks that user has received will be displayed.

There is also a "toolbar button" for ebay negs, but in order to enable it you need to right click on an existing toolbar in your browser, select customise, then drag the ebay negs button from the toolbar palette on to the toolbar where you want it displayed.

This add-on is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by EBay

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