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eCash URL Shortener


Addon Instructions:

This addon allows you to turn the current page you are visiting into a shortened URL with the eCash banner bar embedded with your affiliate link.

You can copy your shortened URL to the clipboard, email it, tweet it to Twitter, or post it to Facebook or Myspace with a single click!

To use the extension you simply click on the eCash icon in your URL bar (next to the bookmark star). Or you right-click on this icon for more options. You can also right-click on any hyperlink to shorten or share the destination link.

For The Best User Experience:

The addon works without you registering for the service; however if you sign up you get access to detailed reporting statistics and you get paid commissions whenever someone buys something as a result of you advertising your shortened links.

Therefore it is highly recommended to sign up with eCash first at: http://www.eca.sh

Then to get commission credit and detailed reporting on all links you create, simply copy and paste your API Key into the options dialog under the "Tools | Addons".

You can find your API Key by logging in to: http://members.eca.sh

How To Get Support:

We have a staff of dedicated support reps to help you if you ever have any questions, problems, or suggestions. You can contact us by visiting: http://www.stressfreesupport.com/

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