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SiteGrabber : Download a web page and all other web pages, images or selective categories which are linked to that page. As this supports offline browsing for web pages within the main site, is ideal to download tutorials. This contain a special feature to download only the selected multiple extensions or predefined categories with out selected extensions.

SequenceGrabber : Download a numerical sequence of URLs at once.

TabGrabber : Download all the open tabs of Firefox to a local folder at once.

  • Set your preferences before downloading for more usability.
  • Please get a rough idea of the size of the web site and no of links as no of links more than 500 can cause decrease in performance.
  • Insert multiple extension comma separated as the validation for the query is done based on that.
  • Although FireSaver support downloads of all the sizes supported by Firefox use of an download accelerator is recommended for files larger than 20MB.
  • Use '*' as wild card for SequenceGrabber. Eg. https://www.mozilla.com/Pic*.png
  • If url = https://www.mozilla.com/Pic*.png & From = 1 & To = 100 => Downloads Pic1.png, Pic2.png, ...., Pic100.png
  • Check 'Add padding' to get Pic001.png, Pic002.png, ...., Pic100.png
  • Help to improve this add-on through your comments and reviews.

  • Download files:


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