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Usage: Click 'Copy' to clipboard link or Right Click on a Code Block & select "Copy Code"

Copy Code recently got listed in Web Tools Weekly Issue #77.

Allows to easily copy complete code block using a 'Copy' to clipboard or a single right click rather than selecting & then copying codes.

A very helpful tool when working with technical docs such as GitHub, MDN, Bootstrap Docs, npm, Foundation Docs technical articles and many more. Please note that right click only works with code blocks enclosed in "code" tag, although all standard docs have sample code in "code" tag.

Supported sites:

Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions!

Update for v0.5: Added support for Stackoverflow and StackExchange.
Update for v0.4: Added 'Copy' to clipboard link for code blocks for WordPress Codex, jQuery and jQueryUI API docs.
Update for v0.3: Added 'Copy' to clipboard link for code blocks on Python documentation at docs.python.org
Update for v0.2: Added 'Copy' to clipboard link for highlighed code blocks on GitHub.com repository pages.

Download files:


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